Friday, 21 August 2009

on your mark, jet set!

If it’s new, funky and ultra-chic, then Mel will find it. She’ll buy it, test it, and then - if it does what it’s supposed to - pass it on to her friends with a glowing review. Who’s Mel? Here’s Mel (gorgeous blonde, portfolio shots). You see, Mel comes from a long line of early adopters: mum Barb (had a $600 digital microwave in 1981) and grandma Marnie (got a bank loan in the ‘50s to buy an automated toilet seat to make the farm’s pit toilet more, er, enjoyable), so she knows a good thing when she sees it.

One of her fabulous finds was Flight 001: a company designing and selling travel gear to make getting from A to B as easy (and stylish) as pie (more stylish than pie). Featured here is the F1 Seat Pak (found in the In-flight Comfort section), which, once you own, you won’t leave for the airport without. With this, your days of rummaging around in your hand bag, elbowing your neighbours, searching for a pen (that you just had in your hand), or your moisturiser (that, if you've forgotten, you'll immediately start to shrivel). Simply hang it on the coat hook on the seat in front of you.

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