Thursday, 3 December 2009

uk christmas charity ideas (£0 - £52)

Your time or money could buy:

Life-changing advice and support for a single homeless person by volunteering for Crisis £0;

An answered telephone call to the NSPCC by ordering a Letter From Santa £5;

One Christmas dinner for a homeless young person through Centrepoint £7;

A Big Night Out for a child carer through the Children's Society £10;

New and updated Mind resources on topics including anxiety and post-natal depression by purchasing five 2010 calendars £15;

Forty meals for neglected animals through the RSPCA £20;

A home-visit for parents whose baby has been diagnosed with a learning difficulty by entering the Mencap Snowball Raffle £25;

One week's worth of groceries for someone living with HIV and unable to shop for themselves via The Foodchain £36;

A garden tool to support the National Trust £40;

Food, training and medical care for Chad at the Dogs Trust £52.

Chad. Photograph by Andy Catterall

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