Friday, 8 January 2010

gourmet safaris

Looking to treat yourself in 2010? Well, if you love to travel and cook/eat, then a Gourmet Safari might be for you.

Gourmet Safaris is an Australian tour company created by Maeve O'Meara. Maeve is an expert when it comes to food, having worked for over twenty years in such roles as food and cooking author, TV presenter and producer, food writer, journalist - the list goes on. Tours range from walking tours around Sydney to luxurious international getaways. Prices cover accommodation and food, so you don't pay for travel and therefore can join the international safaris from anywhere in the world. Gift vouchers are available, too, if you know someone - whether in Australia, abroad, or planning a trip to Sydney - who would just love it but are not sure which one to choose. I can personally recommend the tours and think you should take a look!

Gourmet Safari's image from a Middle Eastern Safari.

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