Friday, 29 January 2010

ten gift ideas for your guy

Just in time for Valentine's Day, too!
His very own Luke's Landspeeder from Lego.
Tickets to see Chris Addison at The Bloomsbury.
A romantic dinner at Corrigan's Mayfair.
His favourite sweets from Betty's By Post.
Direct from Copenhagen, a recycled bike-tube-inner wallet from palepink store at Etsy (pictured).
The 'After Work Healthy' Australian Women's Weekly mini cookbook. 
An Apple Magic Mouse.
One of Lonely Planet's guidebook packs or their Travel with Children guide.
His long-lost favourite childhood toy.
Or a signed and numbered, limited edition print from my Wildlife for Charity collection :D

Photo: palepink store at Etsy.
(Gals next week!)


Anonymous said...

Some fantastic ideas there, I especially like the inner-tube wallet!

Anonymous said...

Betty's - drool...

Will said...

Want everything on this list.