Saturday, 13 February 2010


Big thanks to Carla for giving us the Clothkits tip. Founded in 1968, Clothkits has been around for a while, but for anyone who isn't aware of them... The pattern is printed directly onto the quality fabric, which comes to you in a neat little pack containing everything else you'll need (thread, zips, buttons, instructions etc) except the  sewing machine, scissors and tape measure. You don't have to be a whizz with the sewing machine to whip up the garments, either. What a great idea for your own little ones or for special gifts! Carla's working on some really lovely things for Sophie. I'm looking forward to giving it a try - loaning Elfa's sewing machine as long as I make something for Amelie! We'll have to get some pretty pictures of Amelie and Sophie in their new threads...
Photo: Clothkits

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