Monday, 8 March 2010

infusion camera bag

I shopped around for months to find the right camera bag for my shoots (Lowepro CompuRover AW), which also doubles as a great carry-on bag when I'm shooting abroad or taking the camera/laptop on holidays. But I find the in-between bag - more than a camera case, less than a hand-bag - really tricky to find. Often they're still too big or too small, uncomfortable or just too black and nylon-y! Well, thanks, once again, to Etsy for connecting us with a world of clever and creative people who can help. Etsy shop 'Infusion' (almost two years old, almost 1000 sales) from Oregon, USA, offers made-to-order camera bags in natural fibres. The lovely and stylish grey bag pictured sells for $69US (+$10.50US shipping) and is designed to fit a small point-and-shoot, along with a spare battery, memory card, etc. Looks like you could fit a passport, room key, purse/wallet and mobile phone in there, too. If you like the look but need a larger size, you only have to ask.
 Photo: Infusion, Etsy

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Will said...

Very cool. It is always very hard to find a camera bag that does everything I want from it and for it to be stylish too. I'll be sure to check these bags out further.