Friday, 26 March 2010

recipe competition: results!

Hooray for Irrum! She's the winner of our little design a recipe competition with Dorset Cereals. Irrum's delicious entry was 'Chocolate Granola Delight'. 
Yum yum! Here is the recipe:
200g plain chocolate
50g unsalted butter, melted
4 Rich Tea biscuits, broken
125g Dorset Cereals Chocolate Granola
1. Melt chocolate with butter
2. Add biscuits and granola
3. Mix until all dry ingredients are coated evenly
4. Scoop into muffin cases
5. Top with more delicious Dorset Cereals Chocolate Granola

Rob also crowned three fabulous runners up:
Melanie's Fruity Nutty Chocolate Granola
Afsha's Rice Pudding Galore
Faria's Chocolate-Topped Granola Hearts
The recipes may feature on DC's website soon. Huge thanks to everyone who entered, it was super cool of you, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi
Thank you for your comments on my blog!
These look like yummy treat..and healty too...!
Jo x

Irrum said...

Yahoooooo! Thanks Heidi :) I sure do love prizes!! Interesting little competition - thanks for letting me know about it. Love your blog!!
Irrum x

Anonymous said...

Yay Irrum! I know that girl. She'd better bring some of those in to work!!