Friday, 7 May 2010

free shipping at michelle brusegaard

Michelle Brusegaard is an artist and photographer based in North Dakota. She sells a selection of her work on Etsy (seller since 2006 with over 5000 sales), including screen-printed towels and personalised stationery. Right now shipping is free - hooray! I bought her 'Untitled #2' print of Peaches n' Cream Barbie's dress (she was my one and only Barbie and, man, did I love that dress!). Visit Michelle's shop and view the entire range here. See more Peaches n' Cream glamour shots here and here.
Photo: Michelle Brusegaard


Emma said...

I remember peaches and cream! Nice pic.

hip hip gin gin said...

That is a lovely photo! I loved my Barbie so much, I'll have to check out the shop and see if she has photos of any of her dresses. Such a cute idea.