Wednesday, 21 July 2010


You know I'm a huge fan putting your photographs to good use (invitations, gifts and productswallpaper, vintage frames, mobiles, etc), well, now let's talk lockets. Do you have one from childhood that you still wear? I lost mine on holiday when I was about eight but then found it again ten years later in the pocket of a bag - hooray! They're such a lovely, intimate way to display and carry a photograph with you. Also a thoughtful and personal gift. Lots of love for these three vintage lockets:
Top: Brass Locket from katinkapinka
Middle: Locket Necklace from niandra
Bottom: Brass Locket from RhondasTreasures


Diana Mieczan said...

I dont have one but I am planning to get one when I have a child:)...Balazs told me that he will get me a special one for that occasion:) Those are beautiful and its so great that you found yours...How lucky!

heidi adnum said...

Diana, that's such a lovely idea.

KatinkaPinka said...

lovely! thank you for including my locket! xoxo

ag. said...

aw beautiful lockets!
my husband gave me one a few years ago when we were dating...i was going off to europe for a couple months on my own and he wanted me to have the locket for my travels so that he would always be with me. so sweet!

heidi adnum said...

Oh, how romantic!

Krystal said...

I looove lockets - I wear a gold locket that I bought myself almost all the time!