Wednesday, 11 August 2010

banana cake

Last week, the overripe bananas in my kitchen were begging to be made into this cake. I think it was delicious, albeit a little burnt. It reminded me of my final year of university when I did work experience at the Australian Women's Weekly Test Kitchen. My first task was to make a cake (similar to this oneto be photographed for a cookbook, the thought of which was very exciting - my cake in a cookbook?! But it was technically burnt and ended up in the bin. Faint. Have you ever met a fresh cake that didn't belong in your belly? Me neither.
Photos: Heidi Adnum


Irrum said...

nom nom nom!

Anonymous said...

Yum yum... fancy a piece of that!

heidi adnum said...


Croatian_Latina said...

I also have a few over riped bananas in my have given me inspiration.
I tried making a florentine carnival cake (had fresh orange juice and zest) It turned it flat as a pancake. I still ate it.!


heidi adnum said...

Elisa, that sounds great! I am so pleased that you still ate it :D

the chirpy bird said...

yes please! love the plate too :)
xo tash

Cat said...

Yum...can't blame anyone for licking their plate clean...I will bet it was devine :)

Krystal said...

I loove banana, zucchini and pumpkin in all of their cake forms :)

Prutha said...

ohhh god i love them..have u heard the song banana pancakes by jack johnson? i love that song i want both the song and the

follow if u like what u see?


Amber Rose said...


Wild and Precious said...

this looks and sounds amazing!! great photos.

just found your blog & love it!!

your newest follower

Diana Mieczan said...

Yummy...I am so hang-over at the second but I could eat that cake in a heart bit:)

hahahah:)...Looks great and I dont mind the burn parts:)
Its cake:)