Monday, 30 August 2010

women who hit balls hard

US-based fashion photographer and commercial director, Dewey Nicks, photographed nine of the world's best tennis players for The New York Times. He also directed these hypnotising videos that were shot with a high-speed camera. The lighting is beautiful and so are the outfits. Hello, US Open!
Photo: Dewey Nicks for The New York Times via Chase Jarvis


Diana Mieczan said...

That is incredible:)
i adore the details:)
Have a wonderful Monday my dear.

Krystal said...

hurray for the open! i've always wanted to go to a match

Croatian_Latina said...

at first glance, I thought the photo was taken under water in a swimming pool, haha silly me. the details are amazing.

Happy Monday!

heidi adnum said...

D: Agreed!
K: Oh, can I come with you? :)
E: It does look like it's underwater, I see what you mean. Just gorgeous, isn't it.