Monday, 20 September 2010

hello darling! vintage on sale

Mel and I are kicking off the week with a sale in our vintage store that may make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier: Children's Clothing, Children's Toys, Books and Postcards, LPs, Games and Other Items are all half-price! Some of our favourites include:
These hand-knitted baby leggings in lilac (now $4.50)
Spencer Bear (now $5)
Fondue Cookery (now $5)
Game Counters (now $7.50)
We've also replenished our Women's Clothing and Women's Accessories departments, too, (non-sale) so take a look! All prices are plus postage - we ship internationally from London, UK.
Photos: Heidi Adnum


Diana Mieczan said...

I love those stuff and the teddy is adorable:)...I am off to have a look:)
Hugs and kisses and have a great Monday my dear

heidi adnum said...

Thanks, Diana!

ching said...

very cool items. :)

Julie-Inspired said...

Fondue is SO in again! Love these!

Julie xo

Amber Rose said...

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday honeybee. That teddy bear... <3

heidi adnum said...

Isn't he adorable :)

Anna Walker said...

Oh my gosh! I am in love with that bear! So cute and precious! :)