Friday, 26 November 2010

canine chronicles: 1900-2000

Remember the gorgeous photography from Au sisters aka Sibling Rivalrie?  Well, the girls are working on a lovely book called 'Canine Chronicles: 1900-2000, A Century of the World's Most Notable Dogs'. Their project is an all-or-nothing one via Kickstarter: If they raise all the money needed to put the book together it goes ahead (hooray!) or, if not, it doesn't and donors receive their money back. Everyone who donates money towards the project will receive something for their contribution, ranging from notecards to a copy of the final book along with your name in the acknowledgments. Good luck girls! 


Diana Mieczan said...

The video is great and I love the idea:) Wish you a great day,sweetie
Hugs and kisses

Krystal said...

THAT is going to be a cute book. Wish Bama could be in :)

heidi adnum said...

It looks fab!