Monday, 7 February 2011

for you

Last time was so much fun but quite a few people missed out (boo!) and my fab studio man keeps giving bonus small prints, so, I thought I'd keep it going every month. For February and for you, rad readers, it's Peonies in Full Bloom (6x4" in size and the crop is slightly tighter than this one below). I'll be delighted to post it to the first person who emails me at (who didn't win last time, to be fair!). Just be sure to include your postal address.
Photo: Heidi Adnum


Diana Mieczan said...

Im in love with this one and I adore peonies:) Im going to send you an email right away!
Wish you a great Monday, darling

heidi adnum said...

Thanks, Diana!

PAWLING | print studio said...

this is so beautiful. it looks like a painting!