Friday, 27 May 2011

the end of an era

Every Oprah fan knows that these last few days have brought TOWS to an end after twenty-five years on air. The final episode airs this evening in Australia. In the winter of 2009, my friends and I sat in our tiny London lounge room and called the ticket line in Chicago non-stop for almost an hour. This wasn't the first time - we had been trying to get tickets for over ten years (like so many others!) - but it was our lucky day. The four of us went on to see two shows in Chicago and then spend up big in The Oprah Store. Mel and I used to watch Oprah together while we were studying at university in Australia: We'd take off one hour every afternoon to watch TOWS, become enlightened and eat a packet of chocolate biscuitsTo visit Chicago and see Oprah, together, was one of the most special experiences of our lives. Will took this lovely photograph of Mel and I sitting on 'Oprah's chair' that was on display in the store. If you would like to personally thank Super-O for all the years of love and inspiration, you can sign the guest-book or send her an email


Mel said...

oh the memories! What an experience! Who would have thought, 12 years ago as we sat watching Oprah together back home, that we would ever have been lucky enough to go to see the Oprah Show and sit in her chair!

Oprah, the world (and our lives) are most definitely better because of you!! I think I'll email Oprah at her new email address, so she can check out this new blog post on her i-pad :)

FYI i think blogger knew i was coming on... the word verification for this post was *a mink* hehehe

Irrum said...

I love the fact that you sat in her chair - epic stuff really! Back in the UK, there's been some news of her last show and I watched the celebrity farewell gig where she just looked as amazing as ever. A real inspiration to so many! We're part of the O generation man!!! xxx

Elisa said...

oh how fun. I lived in Iowa during all my college years and I never made it to Chicago. ( I know, lame of me...but to my defense, I worked part-time and attended the uni full time,) I will miss the show!

Handmade said...

Well Hello Miss Heidi!!!! OMG - how wonderful that you are doing what you are doing - I've only had a quick look .... and is this the lovely Melanie from Uni (I'm sure it is!!!) WOW - How did you find me? I am teaching sewing - and by total coincidence one of my newest students is Tony - your favourite Food Tech lecturer!!! Ahh - too funny! Well, I shall follow your blog with great interest! You've made my day!!