Thursday, 25 August 2011

the crafter's guide to taking great photos

I'm so excited to announce a special project that I've been working on since late last year: my first book! It's called 'The Crafter's Guide To Taking Great Photos' and it will be released near to the end of this year (it's available now for preorder, see links below). The book is designed for crafters who take their own product photographs and who want to improve those photographs without blowing the budget. Crafters are guided through camera basics and how a photograph is made, along with tips and techniques for how to use photographs to best tell their brand story. Best of all, it's jargon-free. In the coming weeks and months, I plan on sharing some more about the book, as well as featuring some of the amazing contributors that I've worked with, and some other fab things. For now though, it gives me great pleasure to finally be able share the covers with you: US Edition
UK Edition
Image credits, clockwise from top left:
US Cover: Slide Sideways
UK Cover: Pigeon Toe Ceramics / Lisa Warninger photographerMichelle ChangHeather MooreKarma Tank  (The covers may change, but if they do I'll let you know!)


bron @ baby space said...

Oh my! Congratulations on your first book!!! How exciting. It looks wonderful -- def need some tips, can't wait to read it.

Heidi Adnum said...

Thanks, Bron!

Handmade said...

Congratulations Heidi - that's awesome!!!! They look so beautiful - I'm sure they'll sell well .... just lovely!!!

Heidi Adnum said...

Thanks, Gay!

Anonymous said...

*squeal* soooooo exciting!!!! don't they just look great!!! i can't wait to get my mits on one!! xx

Mel said...

oh sorry the anonymous is me, somehow i posted it without my name.. derrr