Wednesday, 5 October 2011

naturally dyeing

What has onion peel done for you lately?
 If you're Sonia from Naturally Dyeing, you've concentrated it down to use as dye:
And it's given your fabrics this gorgeously rich colour:
Sonia gets some amazing results using natural products (flowers, fruits, plants, etc.) to create dye:
Such as grapes:
And wild rose:
I love it! For more on dyeing with onion skins click here. All photographs by Sonia.


Diana Mieczan said...

That is so awesome and the colour is really pretty. Have a great day, my dear. Kisses

Handmade said...

Goodness me, those colours are amazing - they must be super concentrated! I've done my fair share of natural dyeing - very organic!

Silver Strands said...

Wow - really?? This is absolutely AMAZING!

Heidi Adnum said...

Isn't it amazing! We must try it! Or just keep looking at Sonia's beautiful photographs? :)

Krystal said...

what! that is insane and talented...nice.