Monday, 16 April 2012

country road photo frames

Sorry for being MIA. Over the past few weeks I've been crazy busy. Will and I moved into our very own home, and, now that most of the tricky stuff is done, we're having a load of fun decorating. We're currently working on framing two large pieces of Marimekko fabric that I found a little while ago on Etsy. I also recently picked up a good selection of photo frames from Country Road. I recommend their range. The frames are beautiful, simple, stylish and very high quality. They're also affordable and common photo crops and sizes are covered, including loads of square options, which I love (and can be hard to find.) In-store you'll find more of their larger frames, too. They're offering Australian and New Zealand customers free online shipping until 22 April. 


bron @ baby space said...

congrats on your first home!

Heidi Adnum said...

Thanks, Bron!

Stepford said...

I found your blog via your Etsy store, your site design for both your personal page and the good will bunting page is AMAZING!! just had to put it out there :) also love these country road frames you have great taste