Thursday, 16 August 2012

cushion crazy

A few months ago I took Brett Bara's tutorial on making zippered throw cushions and sort of went crazy. In my spare time I made cushion covers for the sofa, armchairs and every bed in the house. Out of free space, I decided that the kitchen chairs needed cushions. Thankfully a friend happened to mention that she'd like some covers, too, and I needed a gift for another, so that kept me going for a little while longer. I've just bought some raspberry velveteen to make another (but it's on hold until I can work out where to put it.) In lieu of actually making more covers (I really need to learn how to make something else...) I decided to take some pictures (something I should have done weeks ago before they were squashed and crinkly...) and share them with you, along with a few of the lovely fabrics and sellers that I found.
The beautiful pom pom pillow design (and tutorial) belongs to Susan from Living With Punks. The Pink Hexagons fabric is by Prints Charming, which I bought from Laura at Mira & Westie (the reverse is their Watermelon and Pink Dots).
I picked up this vintage mustard velveteen from a local charity shop, along with a lovely bright purple zipper, and it was a match made in heaven. The green fine corduroy with deer pattern, along with the lolly pink fine cord and brown velveteen (above) is from Spotlight.
I couldn't resist Pink Hearts from C'est La Viv and backed it with black-and-white stripe vintage cotton. The gorgeous soft velveteen is Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner.
I followed Brett's instructions again and even added piping!
I promise I don't stack them up on the bed all the time. Just this once...
These floral and pink-and-white stripe girls are my first-ever cushion covers, a basic envelope style made without a pattern or proper measurements; I just copied another cover. They don't fit properly (too loose) but I still love them. I think the orange floral is the most beautiful vintage fabric I've ever found.
Photos: Heidi Adnum


Young at Heart said...

oooh how utterly divine....particularly keen on a pom-pom!!

Heidi Adnum said...

Thank you! Aren't pom poms just the most cheery little things?

Mel said...

Love love love them all! They're absolutely fabulous and you're completely out of control!

Heidi Adnum said...

I am totally out of control!