Wednesday, 2 January 2013

creating memories

I really like this three minute TED talk from Steven Addis. It's about creating memories. Steve and his daughter have fifteen treasured photographs taken of them by strangers in New York City every year on her birthday. Steven talks about the ritual they've created through this anticipated photo and how much it means to them. I agree with him; photography freezes time. When the first of my two nephews was about two (he's now thirteen) I took a photo of him sitting on my parents' kitchen bench just before Christmas. Mum really loved it and we decided to repeat it every year. Three or so years later, his little brother joined him in the photo with a little snow globe that he chose as a Christmassy prop. He's never forgotten that and holds it in his little hands every year for the photo. What are your family rituals?
Video: Steven Addis for TED.

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