Friday, 31 May 2013

Little Dog Vintage Photo Setup

Little Dog Vintage is a shop I've always admired. The carefully selected collection of vintage pieces are always interesting to browse and the photos are great. Claire Ferrante curates Little Dog Vintage and is photographer-in-chief. When I was researching and writing my book I had the privilege of meeting and featuring the photography of many talented crafters and artists whose pieces are handmade. If I was able to extend the features to photos of vintage pieces, I definitely would have invited Claire to participate. The crisp and simple photos show off each piece beautifully. Claire recently shared her new mobile DIY photo setup, including instructions, on her blog. I think it's a great idea and would make life easier for many crafters who want to take great photos. It could be made smaller if space is an issue or if products are small, and the background and base could be changed with paint or fabric when needed. See more of the process hereFollow Claire on Twitter.


Krystal said...

i like the 'behind the scenes' photos!

Heidi Adnum said...

Very inspiring and helpful.