Wednesday, 23 November 2011

our wedding: finishing touches

Will and I got married in the Hunter Valley at Briar Ridge Vineyard. We wanted a place that was naturally beautiful and relaxed, and Briar Ridge was perfect for that. It's also typical of the Hunter and very Australian, which was important to us having spent so many years away from home. Mum, dad and I arrived before the coach, so we had time to add the finishing touches to the venue and, of course, to change our clothes! 
The gorgeous balloons were by the fabulous Jihan from Geronimo!
They were fantastic! I had a dreamy, giggly thirty-minutes or so to dot them around the garden before it was time to get dressed.
We'd also decorated with Good Will Bunting and fairy lights. 
On the pews we sat small bags of rose petals for confetti, fans and order-of-service cards.
More soon! Photos: Tim Coulson


bron @ baby space said...

those balloons are amazing. you're right, it def looks like a very Australian space -- and like the weather gods were shining on you too!

Handmade said...

Gorgeous location - wow those balloons are dreamy!

Daniela said...

I love all of those balloons! How pretty :)

Krystal said...

can't get enough of the pics : )