Wednesday, 29 August 2012

big appetites

Have you seen the 'Big Appetites' series from US-based photographer Christopher Boffoli? Christopher's people living in a world of giant food is currently showing in London (through October), and he has upcoming shows in Los Angeles (September), Toronto (October) and Seattle in November. Here's some of the images and their captions: 
"Janet was one of those people who would use absolutely any excuse to stop paddling."

 "Eric always has anxiety before a deep tea dive."
"Joyce actually had no idea which one was her ball. But she wasn't about to look like a fool in front of Phyllis and those other backstabbers from Accounting."
 "If they’d only realized that the killer was right there in the crowd."
 "Once again, owning an exotic pet was proving to be nothing but trouble."
 "Number three step forward please."
 "It was so like Patty. Right idea. Wrong execution."


Mel said...

Oh my god that is just hilarious. I love the paddling one. I think we'll have to go and see the exhibition!

Krystal said...

these are so so clever!

helena frontini said...

In really loved it!

Heidi Adnum said...

Aren't they fab!

Wali said...

Great !