Tuesday, 11 May 2010

lilly mcelroy

Lilly McElroy is a photographer who throws herself at men. They may or may not catch her, but, brave woman that she is, Lilly accepts that risk and charges on. See more of her images and read about the project here.
Update: Lilly would love for us to learn about her new project called '2009 Was A Rough Year'. Lilly is asking people to send her photographs of the worst, most frustrating, or heartbreaking moments they experienced in 2009.  The photos will then become part of a website called http://www.aroughyear.com.
Photo: Lily McElroy


Emma said...

I love this idea!

heidi adnum said...

Isn't she great. The pictures are full of energy and I could look at them for hours. Thanks for your comments, Emma.

Diana Mieczan said...

No way! Does she really do that? How fantastic! I can’t believe it! Hahah..Thanks for making me smile with this post!

heidi adnum said...

I know!